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November 11 2018

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Polish CPNs.
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ockham's razor is a booby trap for people not knowing when it's applicable, and want to throw it everywhere effort greater than bottlepissing is required;;
it crumbles down in face of evidence, throwing away your common sense build on empty shells whenever pioneering is a requirement;;
occam's razor dude weed lmao;;
arkham's laser is a codeword for stagnation and mental death, I hate it with a passion, good trigger
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November 10 2018

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it's a magical symbiont stat multiplier, props
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November 09 2018

like going through that old family photo album once more
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absolute unit
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November 08 2018

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☑ doesn't know what humor is
☑ can't read between the lines
☑ unable to connect the dots, handholding needed
;;too typical, try again
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>the jews control the media!
>(((they))) silence us!
>no one will listen no me!
>I'll listen to you but wont eat up your BS
>oh btw block machinae posts
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November 07 2018

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