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March 11 2019

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March 10 2019

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March 09 2019

relacja z ojcem o wiele większy, idzie antysymetrycznie po płci, patologiczny lub nieobecny ojciec to defaultowy generator kurew jeśli coś nie stanie temu na przeszkodzie
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Uuu, tak sie nie bawimy
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Joe Rogan Experience #1255 - Alex Jones Returns - 4h41min
;if you hadn't already, it's pretty great
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just a simple question, no ill will
;couple more times and I'll start putting markers up there discerning attitude on reacts, you're too used to backstabbing it seems
it's really hard reading tone on a comment online isnt it?
;good for you
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March 08 2019

Do you have more children than you had 10 years ago?
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;dopeass jumpsuit
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chill, it's not like he's gonna fuck a nigger anyway
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too much shit, too much shit, looks disgusting
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