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April 25 2018

absolutnie piękne
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>that email
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krowodrza może mi possać
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on the sidenote, he looked better in sunglasses; I can't stand those shifty wet eyes, Jesus
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Long term liberty nowadays is mainly financial freedom. Aquiring skills for a useful job. Having the adult liberty to participate in exchange of goods and not chanting for welfare, steal, or die from hunger in a ditch.
It's the good old: procrastinating, escapism, jacking off all day not doing anything productive Vs mastering skills and deepening your knowledge to be of use in a meaningful field. It mostly concerns people <25yo, the younger the more, czym skorupka za młodu nasiąknie...

Dopamine feedback in the brain can be easily hijacked from early age with bad parenting and (((education))), literally programing people to pursue short term pleasantries, making them unable to function in a long-term manner as a part of civil society. But they still are part of that society with all rights included, calling those individuals useless burden isn't enough, as they actively act against the "norm" - in their eyes blasphemous because that norm has in its principle a long term stability of a collective, that's yet to be seen, and not already visible short term whim of an individual

for listed liberties:
people move where they want: do people in that place want them as well, are their personal liberties taken into account? Can they clash with each other? Unregulated logistics are dangerous as they attract illegal and - more often than not - immoral activites like smuggling or human trafficking

abort when they want: with time all those eggs, fetuses, pre-borns, and infants would develop into functioning humans(I know it's complicated with dangerous pregnancies, mutants and diseases but don't want to write a textwall here, those are details for lawmaking); my point throughout all this is exactly of that long term, hypothetical future in which that not aborted baby too has a personal liberty, the most basic one - to be alive

identify as they want: that's pretty explicitly means living in fantasy(you are what you are Vs you think what you are), it's ok as long as you keep that phantasy to yourself whatever it be(utilizing your liberty you hurt only yourself, what can go wrong), but it rarely ends there as people are social creatures. Those fantasies amass, feedback themselves and intermingle with real world causing chaos in civil society; then this chaos is used for a greater agenda of select, cunny enough few; who knows maybe they were behind the fantasy propagation from the getgo
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every week until we like it?
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played STALKERs in similar fashion, really ups the experience ^ ^
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April 24 2018

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I can already smell that suicide
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