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October 21 2017

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wypierdalam na zlot nożowników, przerwa od repostowania
Tags: truth
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Tags: webm fit am
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October 20 2017

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Tags: wisdom
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The final moments of a Japanese Dive Bomber, 1945.
Tags: piekne
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gerwant z review
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żodne tłumaczenie pobije Szatana Serduszko, Żodne
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natywny Podlasianin?
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Tags: truth
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Beat this fags, my future is glorious!
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hehe, not really, I thought it's going to point at the grinch in a mask holding a gun, didn't remember my reposts; also didn't have the privilege of seeing it on /friends/ with some rng included like you guys but webm related was my very first fortune-telling thanks to @lazyboy87
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October 19 2017

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if it ain't unpasturized straight from the udder there's nothing to brag about
Tags: react
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