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Can you reason millions of documented NDE cases, hundreds of documented reincarnation cases, millions of documented ghost encounters, hundreds of documented demonic possessions and the institution of exorcists that vatican is literally downplaying on funds and laughing at because it's passe and want it dead, things like downloading from akashic records Tesla, Ramanujan, and Einstein(hearsay) have done. Maybe it's you who should put a question mark somewhere. Even if one of those cases is true, it implies there's a God. What I'm saying here may be a heresy to some denomination or whatever but it's not invalidating to the concept of a higher being. I mean if you're so scientific, and exoteric in nature then deal with the actual evidence and don't beat around the bush with scripture nitpicking and dead man quoting, it's neverending that way;
>inb4 hallucinations, mass hysteria, mental illneses, lies, fame questing, no evidence goyim, mommy wants it reproduced in the lab, witness report isn't a basis for anything, I'll sue you fucker

magic grandpa in the sky(christians), bearded child rapist(muslims), literall fucking demon(kikes), bald fat fuck in eternal quasisleep ascended from samsara(pajeets), every pantheon(ayy lmaos and elemental worship), amalgamation of every soul in the Universe in a hive-like state, Universe itself; pick-a-loo
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