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January 16 2018

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o ja cie nie pierdole jaka zagrywka kuuurwa,
jakbym znał ten lajfhak w przedszkolu to może wyszedłbym na ludzi a nie to co teraz
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January 15 2018

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Yeah, because gender theory made up by social "scientists", denying the basic biologic facts concerning how our species perpetuates itself is actually scientific and complete rather than a cruel experiment perpetuated by sociopaths.
How far up your own ass do you have to be to call nature itself "powerless"? Everything you do to your body affects your health in the long run and you will get your comeuppance for the gross mistreatment you subjected your body and mind to.
If you care for someone, you don't enable their pathological and self-harming behavior. People around you who didn't have a problem with your tranny adventure have no concern for your welfare, but rather would use their ostentatious tolerance towards you damaging yourself in a trendy way to feel better about themselves.
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@kelu przyznaj się xD
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January 14 2018

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I don't really know, around 16th December 2017?
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