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November 06 2018

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November 03 2018

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fuck off man x^, I've been planning on an amv with this for half a year now. Waiting for all eps to come out, even tho the hype will dwindle there will be more footage to choose from
//fuckers already made some low quality ones, jesus....
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October 28 2018

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October 26 2018

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October 24 2018

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October 09 2018

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October 05 2018

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October 01 2018

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September 29 2018

those comments, lel
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September 26 2018

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yay, gotten out of alcoholism
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September 17 2018

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September 16 2018

September 15 2018

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September 13 2018

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September 11 2018

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