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June 17 2019

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June 10 2019

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May 17 2019

Tags: webm epic
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March 09 2019

Joe Rogan Experience #1255 - Alex Jones Returns - 4h41min
;if you hadn't already, it's pretty great
Tags: epic
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March 07 2019

Tags: webm epic awesome
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February 25 2019

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February 23 2019

Free Solo fulldoc with Alex Honnold
//6h+ of converting yesterday x^
Tags: webm fit epic
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February 16 2019

high art
Tags: webm vidya epic
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February 12 2019

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September 15 2018

this is what perfection looks like, fully appreciated only after watching full series :^
Tags: webm epic
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July 06 2018

Soccer narrators animated.
Tags: webm epic
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May 09 2018

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April 17 2018

Tags: webm am epic
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March 25 2018

5109 b41e 500
Tags: pl epic piekne

March 14 2018

Tags: react webm epic am
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March 13 2018
after watching "Annihilation" I think the stage is finally ready for good "Solaris" film, obligatory with music like this
Tags: holyshit epic
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December 20 2017

enjoy a slightly better slightly longer version
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December 05 2017

Tags: webm am epic
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November 27 2017
source is Trinity & Beyond;
Cut out almost all the bullshit, trivia, and wartime propaganda without letting any explosion slip. Leaving over 20 minutes of fire and smoke for ye hungry
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