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February 25 2019

o Boże xD
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February 23 2019

Free Solo fulldoc with Alex Honnold
//6h+ of converting yesterday x^
Tags: webm fit epic
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February 21 2019

Road to the Arnold — 2019 — Mateusz Kieliszkowski
it's getting live March 1-2, gonna be great
Tags: webm fit
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February 17 2019

Tags: webm fit
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February 05 2019

Tags: webm fit
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January 16 2019

0444 becc
Tags: fit awesome
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January 02 2019

Tags: webm fit
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December 30 2018

Tags: webm fit
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December 28 2018

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Tags: fit
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November 05 2018

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Tags: fit
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October 31 2018
this is gonna be an unbelievable event, strongly recommended
Tags: fit

October 24 2018

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Tags: x fit
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October 10 2018

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favorite muscle to 'mire?
Tags: react fit
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Tags: fit
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October 05 2018

7246 846c
Tags: fit
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September 30 2018

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Tags: fit
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September 29 2018

September 28 2018

wisi na lonży w uprzęży, ale i tak spoko :^
Tags: react fit awesome

September 26 2018

Tags: webm fit
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September 12 2018
WAL 406 Heavyweight Championship: Michael Todd vs Devon Larratt;
bullshit, I'm enraged
Tags: fit
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