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May 25 2017

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turns out label IS everything
Tags: react fit
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May 23 2017

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May 22 2017

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May 18 2017

lel, shitty vid tbh though
Tags: fit
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May 17 2017

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W zdrowym ciele zdrowy duch, szanuję. 
Tags: fit pl
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May 08 2017

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May 07 2017

May 04 2017

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Tags: feel fit quote
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April 30 2017

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lel at the 0:50 guy being smug coz of more volumous arms, what a shame
Tags: awesome fit
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April 04 2017

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March 20 2017

I love Engage The Hip Thrusters guys trying to work out, in a strictly platonic way
Tags: react fit

March 06 2017

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February 23 2017

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June 12 2015

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June 01 2015

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May 14 2015

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February 02 2015

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November 01 2014

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October 28 2014

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Tags: wisdom fit
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