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November 11 2018

ockham's razor is a booby trap for people not knowing when it's applicable, and want to throw it everywhere effort greater than bottlepissing is required;;
it crumbles down in face of evidence, throwing away your common sense build on empty shells whenever pioneering is a requirement;;
occam's razor dude weed lmao;;
arkham's laser is a codeword for stagnation and mental death, I hate it with a passion, good trigger
Tags: react

November 10 2018

it's a magical symbiont stat multiplier, props
Tags: react

November 08 2018

☑ doesn't know what humor is
☑ can't read between the lines
☑ unable to connect the dots, handholding needed
;;too typical, try again
Tags: react

November 07 2018

2244 e072 500
and a final piece of the puzzle lands in place

HIDE @machinae THREADS
IGNORE @machinae POSTS
DO NOT REPLY TO @machinae
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aaaaah Balice, jak pięknie
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ever heard of moloch? maybe you know him as the golden calf the israelites worshipped while moses talked to molochs brother, jehova.
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"every democracy votes itself out of existence", it really strikes a right chord when you realise Pandora's tale is a millenia old memetic warning about giving even the slightest amount of responsibility to women BUT NO ONE LISTENS
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November 06 2018

1641 9327
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November 05 2018

see you in 38 months
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What happened to "global warming"? Didn't work quite right so the codewords got switched to tautology? Fuck off
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addiction for dummies - dopamine special edition; destroy the young and reap what you sow; stay weak, fags
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>when you're high on C. Clark
space elevator is the most inane idea ever, I have no idea why pseudophysicists think it's even remotely doable, needed or a good investment; what's next, playground slide into Marian Trench?
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November 04 2018

Jak zwykle rzetelnie i obiektywnie.
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November 03 2018

9102 739f
fuck off man x^, I've been planning on an amv with this for half a year now. Waiting for all eps to come out, even tho the hype will dwindle there will be more footage to choose from
//fuckers already made some low quality ones, jesus....
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November 02 2018

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EEC gave us money like a good drug dealer, meanwhile shadowy transforming into CCCP 2.0 that siphons away even greater amounts through annual national debt fees going the same place it all comes from - usurous world bank branches, while un(((educated))) goys enflamed by enemy agents and their own stupidity kvetch about some kind of mythical ungratefulness we should feel toward organisation that doesn't exist anymore
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November 01 2018

they should put shots of wódka into those to even remotely force this idiot into acting
Tags: react

October 31 2018

why the zoom? is viewer supposed  to be impressed by the vascular?
Tags: react

October 30 2018

old "did not have sexual relationships" boy here looks like a legit skinwalker :^
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