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July 20 2019

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bad video, it's nothing more than a sum of its parts, completely lazy editing and author without spirit; France one is the best yet
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July 18 2019

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July 17 2019

worth it
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July 15 2019

ale jak do 30 nie dasz rady to spierdolado
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July 13 2019

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have a cool react pic
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July 11 2019

It's not like I watch him regularly, I got interested in classic wow coming in a few weeks, month ago. Possibly even trying it out as I had no chance as a child. Things lead to another, next thing I know I'm watching this boldmon raging and having a blast, he's pretty good, sincere, I applaud that, never sell bullshit packed in pretty words, give it straight;
upvote on Big Dick advice
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what the fuck is wrong with them
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@panpancerny or whoever, tell me something about Wittgenstein
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July 09 2019

John Brick
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July 08 2019

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July 06 2019

fug, I need to get a bandana
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July 03 2019

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depression? never heard of it
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troche zabolało
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June 30 2019

June 29 2019

June 28 2019

So two Gangrels and two Malkavians walk into a sub...
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June 27 2019

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