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January 18 2019

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oy vey, since when did it stop being a pesky conspiracy theory only nutjobs talk about?
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January 16 2019

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look at the referee, LOOK AT HIM GO!!!
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nie moje zdjęcie, ale też pierwsza myśl taka
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January 15 2019

history of hacking just went full circle x^
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poczekoj jak nam POLIN dopierdoli za kilka miesięcy, trzymaj się ramy
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January 14 2019

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January 13 2019

W sumie całkiem lubię Wrocław, najlepsza mafia w kraju
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January 12 2019
I recommend the whole series even if only for the sole scene where this music is used;
Gregory Tripi
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January 11 2019

Gunnife huh? Hmmm... incredible! The feeding ramp is polished to a mirror sheen. The slide's been reinforced, and the interlock with the frame is tightened for added precision. The sight system is original too. The thumb safety has been extended to make it easier on the finger. Long type trigger with non slip grooves... ring hammer. The base of the trigger guard's been filed down for a higher grip, and not only that... nearly every part of this gunnife has been expertly crafted and customized in Las Vegas!
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właśnie wykonałem swoje odwieczne marzenie, wyjebałem siostre w dupe i zabiłem kota sąsiada, te miauczącą kurwe
/.dzieki Kościółchory
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January 09 2019

make it "Not every foreskin a Jew eats is an effort to destroy our civilization. Sometimes, he's just hungry." and I'll believe it;

mates, fuck razors and never commit to the retelling of "the kid who cried wolf" story especially in these completey insane times of revelations we live in; overall it's the villagers that lost the most in the tale's case, not the boy people hadn't believe
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imagine the clickbait headlines "missing link found alive, scientists are baffled"
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January 07 2019
pisze ktoś tam: Fragmenty filmu Niedzielne dzieci z 1976 r.

dobry kanał, dobry towar w sumie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /watch?v=TdHPFRGuD0s
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January 05 2019

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January 04 2019

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sosik sosik?
//manhunt unabomber
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