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December 04 2017

huntin pedos
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I sometimes wonder where makeup ends and real skin begins at those pics;
pic unrelated
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O passacie na gaz 
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I mean cmon, animal cruelty and inhuman behaviour towards them is wrong and I'd personally za jaja powiesił a person behaving like that but there's a clear border right there at the eat/hunt fetish and I'd probably go on a 2h tantrum about that in regards to modern meat farming but let's stop at this and consider op pic related as a behaviour that's trying(very poorly) to strip life off its merits
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December 03 2017

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Ja ci dam pseudo ty kurwo
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 EWANGELION 21.37 You Can (Not) Get Wet
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December 02 2017

next get your ass blasted for being a faggot
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until it started sounding like coldplay I thought it's from some The Leftovers OST I watched this series, based only on one music piece, nothing like this ever happened before and I doubt will after
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December 01 2017

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prey runs away, predator hunts
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Ruda sie wkurwia i strzela fireballami, gdzieś tam w tle Baldur's Gate
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November 30 2017

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przez to gówno stałem się jebanym weebem [`]
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-z aktów Komisji Smoleńskiej (2015)
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November 29 2017

>buying into iron/aluminium meme
żeliwo is where it's at
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I shouldn't know this...
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ja pierdole, filozofy sie znalazły; pierdolnąć dwie dobre knajpy z wywiewem przy wejściach i po sprawie
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