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September 25 2017

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what a madman
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September 24 2017

Hey, if it's still warm...
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im not saying anything but wouldn't an assassination with a lansky tier sharpened fidget spinner make you real immortal meme machine?
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>what is zionism
Once you acknowledge jewish WW2 holocaust as one of the biggest lies in human history that needs revision, the nuremberg trials, holocaust reperations, israel's bootycall budget intake and destabilization of Syria are the most obvious answers to your proof request.
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get that cock out of your throat, you need clear airvent to laugh out loud
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September 23 2017

How do you even probe for info like this?
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a do budynku 7. chodziliśmy na Kremówki™
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September 22 2017

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1. What are "our criteria" of A FUCKING LEAF university run by Jews and - may Allah forgive me for uttering this word - Anglos? It's not like a strong ideological bent permeates that environment... 2. Convenience sampling apologetics. 3. Two large data pool studies: one by Rosenfeld (into the trash it goes), the other CONTROLLING FOR FAMILY DISRUPTIONS, ie. ignoring the propensity of sodomites towards intimate partner violence and promiscuity. I don't know, man, at this point you could show me a large data pool study done by an Orthodox Christian Slav pointing to the conclusion that sodomite """"parenting"""" doesn't fuck kids up and I would simply disregard it from a moral and historic-civilizational standpoint. The crucial part of the issue, which is easy to miss if you operate in the paradigm of the post-Christian occidental moral dystopia, is that only married people should be able to adopt kids and sodomite "marriage" is a Jewish construct created as a part of the larger war our eternal enemy wages on the institution of family as the basic building block of a functional Christian society. Allowing for this abomination is in itself a sure sign that the enemy has the upper hand and that the public morals were degraded to what is probably a point of no return (much like in the late pagan Rome). Poopdick belongs either in a closet or a wood chipper and should not under any circumstances be allowed near kids, that's where I stand in my moral conviction and there ain't much a Jewish sociology professor can do to convince me otherwise.
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8==D ~~ E=mc2
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//w klimacie jeśli ktoś ma okazję, żółty szlak Wąwozem Kraków przez Smoczą Jamę, zimą w Tatrach jest nieziemsko piękny, jak ten obrazek. Ale musi napierdolić po kolana bo inaczej to cukier puder aesthetics. Pierwsza rzecz która przychodzi mi do głowy oglądając tego webma to właśnie zima 2015 w Tatrach :D
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September 21 2017

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this is absolutely beautiful and right
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September 19 2017

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guess again :0
darker than black?
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it's time to cook, thank you Papa Cyklonbekon
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is that the episode where one of those explains the need of buttering(yes you read that right, butter) up the steering wheel for easier driving?
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too long for repost; nice
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s-stahp ;_;
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