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May 28 2017

times so hot you don't even need to reincarnate to get karma bitchslapped, lmao
Tags: react
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so here I am coming home from a worktrip and that's the first thing I see on mffeed, what the fuck! I refuse to believe it's not a scripted shitthrowingfest, the banter is perfect
Tags: react
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May 26 2017

love the tie on our beetroot :^
Tags: react pl
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May 25 2017

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turns out label IS everything
Tags: react fit
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Perfect nudes doesn't exi...
Tags: react pl
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especially if ye can join them
Tags: react vidya
I'm so fucking angry, I hope migration to Mars will be an option soon. 
Tags: react
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May 24 2017

It never went away, just flanked the people freshly high on dopamine rush that "breaking down the wall" gave them. You wrote it yourself, the hope.
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I have nothing to hide
Tags: react
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Show me a difference, Miura's a hack! AHAK!
Tags: react berserk
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every new smartphone box shoulda have inscription warning recording vertically gives you cancer, just like the szlugi
Tags: react

May 23 2017

oh my man, I'm listening to this for a second time right now and swear havent heard Foreskin Walker in the intro before, what a show, maximum kek
Tags: react
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is loosing the same as not being able to win?
Tags: react
spiritus sanctus ubi vult spirat
Tags: react webm pl
first one in the kneecap, you mongoloid pissdrencher
Tags: react
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ellen unleashes the psychic miasma aoe attack, her dormant 24h refresh special skill
Tags: react vidya
the question is: will they take his motorbike license?
Tags: react
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May 22 2017

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Ich Howl In Piece erry time
Tags: react
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