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May 23 2019

BJJ cat?
Tags: react katz
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May 17 2019

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March 09 2019

relacja z ojcem o wiele większy, idzie antysymetrycznie po płci, patologiczny lub nieobecny ojciec to defaultowy generator kurew jeśli coś nie stanie temu na przeszkodzie
Tags: react
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Uuu, tak sie nie bawimy
Tags: react
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March 08 2019

Do you have more children than you had 10 years ago?
Tags: react
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chill, it's not like he's gonna fuck a nigger anyway
Tags: react
too much shit, too much shit, looks disgusting
Tags: react

March 07 2019

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I've officially become "that guy", huh? Can't say I hate it, gonna make a legit timeline next weekend; in the middle of some fuckery right now and would rather spend free time on vidya or something, than archive date dwelling
Tags: react
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Luigi's done with fucking pipes
Tags: react vidya

February 27 2019

I'd love to know the amount of bribery required to push this inefficient 3blade design down the pipeline
Tags: react
aside Brimley this little guy looks so much like Sidorowicz from stalker and Hafthor Bjornson, man, toppest of keks
Tags: react katz

February 25 2019

write to the blogger, I'm not interested in your conspiracies ^    ^
Tags: react
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some might say it's a conspiracy theory, are you sure you're getting 403 or is that a figment of your imagination? xD
but seriously, whole or just this one subpage? at work or privately? internet provider/admin might be censoring your all inclusive skinner website experience because truth hurts, get a vpn
Tags: react

February 24 2019

Tags: react webm vidya
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time travel makes you gay
Tags: react

February 23 2019

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there's something wrong with this rabbit
Tags: react
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