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November 20 2019

once Joker comes out on bluray Im editing out every Phoenix' laugh for Richevans' one
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winter's tough, stay strong
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November 19 2019

w państwie z odbytu...
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November 18 2019

don't know what you're talking about
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good knives go for as little as $50
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November 16 2019

can't laugh here, it's pretty much my reaction to eXpanse intro, especially S3 after long wait from S2... more manly of course
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czaisz że po tych wszystkich latach dopiero teraz ogarnąłem te kolorowe litery jako ukryte wyrazy? OTUA
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dude, I've got this picture in my euthanasia folder
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i dunno whacha talkin bout
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November 15 2019

lawful chaotic is beaurocracy, chaotic lawful is free market lmao
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nie cenzuruj
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November 14 2019

boli kurwa
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November 13 2019

catladies.....  >_>
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for a walker between domains alike
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November 12 2019

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went to one today to check it out, no one in particular corner, I acted suspicious just in case but no one tailed me, 2h S-line to my place, nothing; I guess it served its purpose closer to premiere day not now when it's on the way out; probably a batch reservation for "coach-marshal" yes kek; no clear idea what's going on
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imagine getting a killcall, then bootstraping a set of knives on this robopalls back, painting it blue and attaching minispeakers;
then as you finally stalk and develop your targets routine you unleash the mastermind inside with sonic the hedgehogs theme blating to 11 as you backboost backflip your friendly neighbourhood metaljack-hit the road on crack- into your targets neck arteries
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