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May 24 2018

used to eat a lot of shit food so to kill two birds with one stone on this topic I'd started to homecook
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newsflash: doesn't work for humans, stop fantasizing
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The Squad
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May 23 2018

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hehe, outpaced again at
I don't like JF and rely solely on you guys here filtering and posting the good stuff from that sphere :^ still not disappointed
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May 21 2018

lovecraftian fanfic tier writing
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your means must be up to the task :^
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May 20 2018

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50 bucks for this, I'd do it for free lel
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can't fucking stand those 2cm standoffs, never get that close or get shanked
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May 19 2018

May 18 2018

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xD z deszczu pod rynnę
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May 17 2018

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underground horserace baiting bookmakery on soup when?
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May 16 2018

enlighten me but here there's "laska"-"cane", which colloqvially means a blowjob, so cocks it is I guess
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May 15 2018

jak nie masz w programie logiki matematycznej to żadne pod względem intelektualnym; nauka pływania i siłka za równowartość wpisowego, opieka zdrowotna, ulga studencka
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>too many things are yellow now
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May 14 2018

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May 12 2018

is it any good? because I don't really give a shit about sargon and have some nice material already to go through; bounced off his style year or two ago after 2 week subscription and to be honest he killed the british accent for me, I can't stand it at all now
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you cheeky fucker, you planned this all along!
//ok, got in a good mood again, thanks
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bamboozlery is strictly doggo territory, please stop thy jests immediately
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May 11 2018

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the shit I put up with..., now I have to watch this film to appreciate the quality ep
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