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February 17 2018

obudzili sie, lol
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February 14 2018

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let's shitpost our way to Stars
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February 10 2018

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let's go full retard again, I encourage everyone reading this bullshit to smoke a joint or get a drink;
didn't mention any snake oil woowoo or A-theory of time, not gonna talk about timelines, I'm perfectly fine, just have unacceptable perspective that would get me burned on stake had I shared it anywhere else than here or chans and I know it. Went over the board with last words fueled by pure anger.

@justsomekat whatever, I said sufficient enough for me proof of souls and reincarnation is out there, instead of getting angry and laughing at me here do some research, linked some easy reads that aren't scams, whole issue stopped being a matter of faith and discussion to me, and after rigorous contemplations and worldview incorporation turned to common knowledge.

Don't have the whole cosmogony and purposefully lack definitions because those would have been constructs build on plausibly wrong assumptions. Don't wanna make that fundamental mistake I see commited daily in the science community. There's only an axiom of karmic soul system(KSS) there's evidence for. While stating God exists I reach for a lifebuoy that if everything else fails Universe itself is interprettable as God. Everything going beyond that are more or less probable guesses forcing me to undergo NDE(underwent 3 OBEs but those aren't deep enough to connect to the other side) or find a way to reliably indulge in anamnesis and with it bits and pieces of the bigger picture, to ascertain. Fug, is this how mad scientists are born? KSS to make sense must be self governed by souls, you as a person and everything you know is only a little part of your uberbeing; an avatar like in rpg vidyas. After death you reconnect to every memory and experience thus far with new input and pose equilibrium. There's some fucked up souls, there's some elevated ones, "demons", "angels", fuck knows what else connected to all this in different dimensions, I don't have the clear picture how yet. Anthroposophy and Rosicrucianism are close.

How cancer killing my precious masterrace is good? First of all, "bad thing happen" cancer is a result of some trigger mechanism, sugar diet, stress, bad environment, gmo, radiation in daily mortal life and in those terms cannot be judged or viewed as an agresor, it's merely a byproduct of actions or passives taken or permitted in the past and such is a game of life. Better luck next time. Shit argument. Second of all, souls have temporary bodies, not bodies have eternal souls. Mortal pain doesn't exist for souls, I guess no nerve endings, making our reality a completely peculiar environment for experimentation. Say, you're a bad boy, torture a goi for 10 shekels, it's not really the pain that receiver feels in material world that matters(which very well may be a fair result of receiver's past actions) but the converted to giver soul's experience of hurting another soul's avatar is the key people miss. Here's where KSS kicks in and souls may or may not decide to change sides and torture one another in mortal realm again to experience the opposing side, etc. Machinae said God is an asshole, sure from this point of view it sure seems like it, till you die and it's payback time. Third of all, I write all this with perspective that I was a jew, a nigger, a muslim, whatever in some previous lifes. But now I'm only grateful for the opportunity current masterrace birthplace, time and upbringing gave me to develop those thoughts and views without cutting my dick at birth, and with it ritualistically programming, indoctrinating into a tntgoatfuckman, or blessing with 80ptsIQ. And with this freedom of choice and education, freedom unheard of in mentioned tribes, came to conclusion jewish and muslim memes, and negro genes are holding back any meaningful progress on this planet for future souls to experience. This conclusion is deeply humanitarian, selfless, and basefull. Reading people's reactions and getting asylum tickets in mail hurts like hell, faggots.

With all this said it's still just a larping session because of lack of resources and power on my part to pull off those genocides/sterilizations, an idealistic presentation meant to shock and force to think. At best I could become another Breivik but getting rid of sole individuals is pointless. I'm holding off defeatism as hard as I can while cynically laughing as latin civilization known everywhere under "western culture" is collapsing under its own empathy wasting potential for another space empire. O Pendulum, swing faster.

February 08 2018

Glad you liked it :^}
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Joł, how's progress?
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klub no jokoso
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I wasn't really reacting to you in particular but that @xempx De Ira Dei/Epikur text I saw multiple times that's so outdated it's becoming ridiculus to deal with
>if god real why bad thing happen
nothing happens without a cause /thread, lmao innit? the short version would be: bad things on massive scale happen because jews are jewing for millenia, but let's dig deeper; my point was the question is naive, baseless, and stupid because mortality and experiences of pain and suffering almost everyone equate with "bad things happening" are not only one side of the coin(good things happening) but also a part of the bigger game souls play; this game has karmic system and you'll get what you sow eventually over the span of a few lives; atheists cannot fathom this because only the contemporary one takes place out of axioms, and living may seem unfair at first, especially for aborted children and environments getting trophically cascaded; glitches do happen though and we get some feedback, to not be groundless because I already hear "there's no proof" screech:
and the whole of buddhism
already posted this link on soup but can't find it anymore:!zxomHA5Y!UzhC8hgjVZ5vqufuqSiStA add blood libel to that, will do later myself;
see also recent polish IPN addact and worldwide shitstorm it caused, lol

>religion, faith, spirituality
there is a need for distiction, always and everywhere because people talk about the one, mean the other, everything becomes a clusterfuck of pseudophilosophy, old texts citing and nitpicking; add atheists mocking the whole package based only on the religion part being what it is, a way to organise and control masses, a leap for power while unaware that their lack of faith is in reality a faith of lacking, the structure is the same, applied atheism is a cult; gtfo if you don't see that

OP pic caricatures this very behaviour; ain't following a religion and canonical means nothing to me, my hobby is cross-examining mythos, old texts and apokryfs in context of hightech and aliens. I was doing this shit years before Ancient Aliens went public and everyone laughs at the idea and thinks it's passe now; there needs to be a distinction between Testaments as well because they describe different beings as gods, and divide abrachamic religions. I assumed the pic is about those abrachamic gods and got triggered because I think those are aliens and everyone is wasting their time disputing on and on about basically muh children  with no end on the horizon, not even considering reincarnation and karma because that got redacted few centuries ago on some sobór and isn't officialy abrahamic. On the other hand the universal God is very real, I base it on the existence of souls I acknowledged faced with evidence in the span of my life. Some of that evidence is in the books I linked.

You don't know what you're dealing with here, man. You have no idea. Esoteric Hitlerism. The only real unfair thing happening is how jewish parasite survived so long on this planet, you call me nazi trash but I just want to sterilize/genocide and delete every bit of information about kikes, muslims and niggers, liberating Earth from their customs and flesh, to not incarnate into them and waste time sniffing cowshit or waging wars for profit, till some giant comet comes along and resets everything around here yet another time like fucking Atlantis, like fucking Mars. That's what's really repressing the sterling ones from ameliorating this planet's offspring. You want Star Trek Science Utopia? You ain't geting one with those scum around. Quarantine just isn't enough anymore; kikes gave us industrial scale cultural marxism  and 2 world wars lately and for this alone their whole heritage should be burned to the ground; I'd gladly sacrifice myself for this greater good if it was possible; people ask, if you could time travel would you kill baby Hitler? if I could time travel I'd kill baby Spinelli and save Bibliotheca Alexandrina from those savages

February 07 2018

February 06 2018

I never experienced this kind of eroticism.
Thank you...?
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>assumes mortal concepts of pain and suffering are equivalent to universal evil on cosmic scale
>doesn't realise said pain and suffering are results of actions undertaken in the past, some so long ago or secretly they transformed from history into legends then mythos or were entirely forgotten
>denounces and personifies NT abstract God to OT faggot one because it's an easier one to mock
>doesn't distinguish between religion, faith, and spirituality
>most likely believes the official jewish holocaust story

oy vey lad
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masaka, AT FIELDO?!
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February 05 2018

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scuse me, scuse me, close-minded bigot passing through
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February 02 2018

I triple dare this false prophet to base a wheel on the pineapple sauce
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