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September 18 2019

which one goes where? ; _;
Tags: react

September 17 2019

fuck you ancestors, be glad I didn't become a serial killer
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September 16 2019

>when you start balding at 25
Tags: react
nice subconscious programing
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September 15 2019

they're so retarded maybe they'll pay reparations for 1600s deluge
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September 14 2019

September 13 2019

September 08 2019

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September 04 2019

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przedobre, piekny post zelbek
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September 02 2019

you already posted some of those :^, thanks, I'll give the discourse react very soon, more down to earth one
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August 31 2019

Do you people realise what kind of DEDICATION it takes to become so MASSIVE, so HUMONGOUS?!
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August 30 2019

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te działają
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friendly reminder you can steer hurricanes with laser satelites, (((someone))) really doesn't want Trump visiting Polend before our october elections, he postponed the september 1st one
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August 29 2019

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August 27 2019

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commentary's pretty cool; it's random image found on /fit/, fullchan is offline; you should search for neuroplasticity not hypofrontality, ultimately you become enslaved by your own routine, exo-uroboros;
any study/reference done before ~2008 is null, only around that time HD video porn started being really available + some bufor; connect with hypnotism, don't compartmentalise
@zelbekon give man a fish/rod or something like that
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