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June 05 2017

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best option left
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I always thought you were a girl, fuken jojoMako avatar >:^
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June 04 2017

klatka faradaya w kołysce albo wypierdalaj z blokowiska
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movie related: Your Next or You're next; don't know which one is it, and torrents are weird
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June 02 2017

Donkey or Onion Swarm?
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June 01 2017

He's one of The Primordial Ones, true settler of this vast plane, evergrowing just like his name states
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it's not a mug if there's no handle, deceivers
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May 30 2017

>welcome to the From Software
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hue hue, to akurat znalezione ale za dobre żeby się nie podzielić
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May 29 2017

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Przepraszam Panie Prezydencie.
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i literally just did, it's one sided but credible, dude was asking for the other side's "something" so he got the densest one I know, it'd be up to him to cross examine new info into his repertoire;
most scientific papers are pure bullshit, conveyor belt style made for grant money, held back by marxist quotas and TPTB's population control, so unscientific isn't an argument when we're talking about something so politically incorrect as racial awareness, you won't get anything better on this subject until after some kind of massive worldwide chimp out, would you publish on the deterioration of black race and a need for segregation if the head of your department was a nigger?
Also, I ain't no anthropoapologist, just a common sense user from old east block, having a pleasure of ethnically pure society, so excuse my bias
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pig/human hybrid organ transplants are the anit-islam endgame, lads
how long till pocketk̶n̶i̶v̶e̶s̶ atomizers with mysterious red mixture are a cyvil norm?
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May 28 2017

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>blyat nowa maszyna
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Widzisz...kiedy tata Płotka bardzo kocha mamę Płotkę...
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posted what I posted coz it's sounded like a legitimate scenario. I have a dream where next adobe premiere iterations will have default islamic bombing showreel renders :^

as to what you wrote later, pinkcat, I think majority of the people overdosing on compassion induced high honestly don't have a clue until it's too late, and it's important as well as fun to outshitpost ourselves on the matter to short circuit them and wish for a reset. Have a nice one if you saw one too many on your feed, it's not really a soup anymore, we're at the swamp level now
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