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October 09 2018

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August 20 2018

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July 11 2018

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June 24 2018

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May 31 2018

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May 11 2018

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the shit I put up with..., now I have to watch this film to appreciate the quality ep
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April 22 2018

April 09 2018

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April 06 2018

April 02 2018

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March 13 2018

February 14 2018

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Happy Singles Awareness Day
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January 03 2018

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this light, this glimmer of innocence in Mike's eyes...
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January 02 2018

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December 20 2017

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thanko, I know what I'll do on New Year's night stranded in my humble abode
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November 28 2017

October 11 2017

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when you are a jew in the media
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October 10 2017

Mike Stoklasa Really Likes Star Trek
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October 04 2017

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By that logic we could abolish gender segregation in sports all together, because fuck the biological advantages men have over women - it's all about fun! Let everyone compete in the same lot and top sporting events would be 100% cis male sausage fest. Remember women soccer players whining about not getting paid as much as men do? This would solve this problem as well, because there would be no female pros in soccer. Get over it, sex-based division in sports exists to give female athletes a chance at career safe from the biological advantages of the opposite sex - advantages that "MtF" trannies have on the account of still actually being male. They are not "trans people potentially having an advantage at something", they are men LARPing as women in order to get an advantage that is unfair within the framework of sex-segregated world of pro athletics.
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September 17 2017

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cheap trope of self-insert fantasy outweighing sheer, never to be seen in scale anymore monumentalism... old reg be sad;
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