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April 22 2018

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Why is a faggot post from Current Year-1 still going around here?
//sci-hub link is now under:
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April 16 2018

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Rock planet cloud systems are very peculiar because storm ones are a vertical medium between iono/stratosphere and lower troposphere where electric influx gets grounded. Nebulas are already in plasma state and there's another layer of physics included. In free space there's no grounding but capacitor discharges and plasma filaments. Nebulas can also shield space behind them from observer on various lengths.

Universe is part gravitational, part electric, those guys at Thunderbolts Project are too far off the deep end, saying gravity is an electric phenomenon and everyone beside them is wrong. Well as far as we know it can't be shielded so I'm looking forward to what they come up with later.
The electric part was confirmed since Tesla time, newer findings and mainstream contradictions on the matter list: tornadoes on the Sun, Venus storms, Iceball Comet model failing again and again(seriously, comets are the key to understanding the Universe), Deep Impact mission discharging the comet capacitor(big fucking explosion seen on footage), intrinsic electric dipole redshift(which can be demonstrated in every college physics department, you shoot a laser over tesla coil and minmax corret over plasma pressure buildup), tail drag, pic related phenomenons
I'd even go as far as to say there's scientific basis for astrology given this electric nature
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some footage; also if you maybe remember, a year or so ago I wasn't sure how clouds hold charge and promised to share once I find that out; charge and discharges are surface based, not volume based; mainstream view on this is: particulate matter updraft generates electricity within cloud formations via friction; then it builds up and doesn't discharge internally like a battery would lol;
my guess is everyone sees lightning coming down from clouds so it must come from internal hold, forgetting Ostrogradski-Gauss theorem they learned as freshmen exists, that's reasonable and research massively comes into that direction;
more space footage needed to break the conditioning
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April 11 2018

April 01 2018

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March 28 2018

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March 25 2018

February 26 2018

alternative medicine
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February 07 2018

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January 26 2018
lol, remember the 97% goyim
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November 29 2017

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November 27 2017
source is Trinity & Beyond;
Cut out almost all the bullshit, trivia, and wartime propaganda without letting any explosion slip. Leaving over 20 minutes of fire and smoke for ye hungry
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November 18 2017

add a giant kike  ̶s̶h̶e̶k̶e̶l̶s̶  shackles up those wheels, and giga black ops magnet up that star trekker, then it will be about right
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November 14 2017

Oy vey, muh peer review
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October 31 2017

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October 19 2017

September 29 2017

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September 24 2017

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September 18 2017

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