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December 29 2017

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December 25 2017

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Because that sets a precedence for this agency as the sole representatives of this amazing planet. It's just one of many kosmodroms but gets its dick caught everywhere. Not to mention it's on US soil and as such is extemely corrupt, beaurocratic, subverted(march through the institutions), and lies all the time while majority of people involved and public aren't even aware of that and think they're doing tier 1 science and engineering(real stars get recruited into military blackops), it's that naivetee that pisses me off.
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November 25 2017

That's the level of expertise that will get us into Space
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Tags: webm space
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November 17 2017

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September 10 2017

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September 09 2017

1235 3280
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September 08 2017

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August 22 2017

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August 08 2017

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May 07 2017

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May 05 2017

April 27 2017

lightning above clouds
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April 15 2017

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March 27 2017

stahp, it's not funny anymore
Tags: space

March 26 2017

7849 bfec
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March 21 2017

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dob zecried
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March 16 2017

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