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February 21 2019

Tags: webm truth
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February 18 2019

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Tags: react am truth
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February 16 2019

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January 30 2019

whenever i boot this webm all I can think about is @machinae x^}
missin him already
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Tags: truth
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September 26 2018

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yay, gotten out of alcoholism
Tags: truth am
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August 19 2018

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Tags: truth
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August 16 2018

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Tags: truth
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August 02 2018

mother: lawful good
father: chaotic evil
every breakfast growing up was a deathmatch, after 20 years this constant clash evolved into "leaving the bread in an opened breadbox" #małżeństwo
Tags: react truth
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Tags: truth
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July 09 2018

Tags: truth
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July 04 2018

wait! come back!
Tags: webm truth
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June 27 2018

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Tags: truth
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June 02 2018

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Tags: truth
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May 21 2018

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Tags: truth
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May 10 2018

>7 przeprowadzek na koncie
ciągle Polska :^
Tags: react truth

May 07 2018

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Tags: truth
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April 14 2018

mfw life
Tags: webm truth
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April 07 2018

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Tags: vidya truth
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