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March 21 2018

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March 18 2018

The Mark
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March 15 2018

Lustmord - Black Star
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March 14 2018

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you are on the fastest available route
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March 13 2018

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March 12 2018

Errr, no?
I'm just doing the best with what I've been given Which is a novelful of information I can't even expect to contain the relevant information because evidently not even you yourself can be assed to just cite it
Besides, categorizing civilization into types has been done by different authors in different ways, and since no studies exist to give us an indication which way of classification is the most useful for predicting future experience, why should we care about what this polish guy has to say over literally anybody else?
>glad you agree that Israel is literally Nazi Germany tier, the lowest form of life in your book lol Are you actually an idiot? Where did I say this?

I'm citing the author (who apparently thinks that jews don't necessarily have to be jewish type etc.) and what I expect to be your point about civilizations - you said "whole different civilization" for one thing - but since every civilization falls into one of four (ancient) types, that statement becomes meaningless.
Every civilization is 'wholly different' from any of the other categories. 
Basically, you seem to have quote-mined a whole book. Maybe you don't remember it as well as you think you do. Or maybe the author is an idiot as well. For instance
"There are crossings which are unfertile or productive of weaklings. Schwalbe asserts that no damage is done by blood-changes between mouse and rat, rabbit and hare, animals close to each other,"
Mice and rats do not breed naturally, they aren't even attracted to each other. They are different species. Also, what does "damage" mean? Does he know that the closest one can breed is incest, which is almost self-enforcing in that it ensures the death of the species? 
All the parts of this book that is mentioning race has got it almost 100% wrong about everything.
I have no idea why a historian thinks he can talk out of his ass about biology. Is this *really* the greatest intellectual in his field worldwide? Really? He should stick to his field, then.
<spouting zero immigration policy politics I could have sworn you people keep asserting they actually do the opposite because immigration leads to white genocide or some shit.

>Explain to me rationally why are jews cutting their dicks' tops off. You say this as though people don't believe stupid shit all the time. I mean, heck, you're living proof. Also, circumcision (and FGM) isn't a strictly jewish practise. The ability for people to believe the world is flat or circumcision appeases god or eating bread is eating the body of christ is not proof that the world isn't rationally intelligible. It's just proof that some people fail to be rational.
Jesus fucking christ. Please. Stop being an idiot.
>Moreover it seems like you will never adapt fuller methodology because it's just superstitious. Again, you say this as though it's bad to not be superstitious. The thing about methodologies is that we can compare them in their success rate when it comes to predicting experience. The scientific method, for one, is the most successful in its field.
Having to attack rationality because it does not align with the bullcrap you believe is the proof in the pudding. You suspend rationality when it suits you - for instance, defending your baseless beliefs - but then try to use *rational arguments* to coax me into suspending rationality on the basis that it's unreliable 10% of the time.
You're a fucking clown.
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March 11 2018

March 10 2018

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March 09 2018

motion capture god
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March 07 2018

vegan grass- how it's made
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March 05 2018

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March 02 2018

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