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December 03 2017

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December 02 2017

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November 27 2017

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November 24 2017

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Kraków zimą
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and people ask why ayylmaos are anal probing since the 50s
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November 21 2017

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November 15 2017

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this is the most unnerving thing I've seen in my entire life and I've done voluntaries in an asylum, graveyard afterstorm cleanups, high elevation industrial alpinism, and owned a cat for a year...
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November 14 2017

November 04 2017

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November 03 2017

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November 01 2017

that's actually a great advice :^)
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October 28 2017

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October 19 2017

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October 14 2017

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October 11 2017

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September 24 2017

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Do you have any snack to back that up, Mulder?
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