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June 03 2020

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June 02 2020

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it may be unbelievable but I haven't watched any since february, just reading my weeklies
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June 01 2020

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America is finished.
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May 31 2020

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because: clouds and weather making panel efficiency a 20% joke(every news article of hippie masturbation over green energy considers 100% in predictions and white papers, unreality),
power transfer, storage and lithium battery/magnets production countering any effort in saving environment by "going green" in the first place,
because china,
because you cannot unplug your house/flat from the city electric grid one day and think repo men won't show at your doorstep or your electric bill change in any shape or form, you'd have to go full unabomber to utilize anything;
and don't get me wrong, there are forms of free energy generation that work but not solar, not even close, a rework on wind generator(not those abysmal 3 blade ones) can work, there's a recent XPRIZE water abundance contest finalist that has the solution ready on this; or safire project sun generator, ancient waterwheel generators, not even talking Nicola Tesla's tech on sapping energy straight from atmospheric electric fluctuations; but solar? give me a break, pretty flower goes brrr, peepee goes hnnng
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are you baiting me to say "you should then"?
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I think it's just time to move on past this self-deprecating shit, it's fun if you believe ironic/unironic are somehow different
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why are you belittling yourselves? next step, repost if your your white trash?
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solar power has no future
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May 30 2020

I feel nothing
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