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April 02 2020

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Tags: cute
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March 29 2020

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March 28 2020

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sweet jesus
Tags: cute
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March 27 2020

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had to be posted
Tags: gif cute
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March 22 2020

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March 20 2020

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I still value you as amazing and beautiful human being. No homo.
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March 18 2020

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March 16 2020

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March 15 2020

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poland shuts its borders, calls its filthy wage undercutter stock back into its motherland, quarantines everyone, outlaws gatherings. Archbishop of Czestochowa comments: "its just a flu, bro. gender ideology is the real civilisation risk." 
poland, i love you.
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March 14 2020

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March 11 2020

March 08 2020

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February 25 2020

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*coughs on you*
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February 24 2020

February 19 2020

Tags: cute
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