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April 05 2020

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April 03 2020

I'm still amazed someone was out there, at the right time, at the right place to film this oneiric masterpiece of a footage
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April 02 2020

March 29 2020

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March 21 2020

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>yeah, if the theatrical style of hannibal isnt yours... then youre wrong :I
it wasn't for me in 2013, majbe it is now
Tags: react feel

March 19 2020

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March 13 2020

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February 21 2020

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it feels like the only way to see true and honest emotions is by watching reaction videos to tv-series... 
life is hell
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February 18 2020

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February 17 2020

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February 16 2020

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February 12 2020

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February 11 2020

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February 08 2020

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February 06 2020

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February 05 2020

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