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April 25 2017

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April 18 2017

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The economic realities of Baby boomers versus Millennials 

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April 17 2017

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You don’t fuck with the tray master


This is what the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat looks like in real life.

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April 13 2017

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gęś pojednawcza, sympatyczna w chuj
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April 12 2017

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@syria that is the next level man, I'm speechless
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April 07 2017

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great vibe, snx
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March 26 2017

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March 18 2017

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March 17 2017

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March 16 2017

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March 08 2017

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March 04 2017

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gęś wściekła w chuj agresywna
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March 02 2017

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>you will never be this baked in your life
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February 16 2017

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dobry update Darkesa, przepyszny
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July 05 2015

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