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July 09 2020

lmao, I take cynk regularly for my hair and thyroid, ezpz
english subs:
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July 07 2020

MORAWIECKI?! ah, przewidziało mi sie, można śnić
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July 06 2020

8716 554f
it's from ancient pre- global network/cheap travel times, those words pressupose linkage of ability to develop unique culture/memes bonding people together, with certain immortality; it did well in times of a polish anexation and Polish Underground State especially in face of common, easilly identifiable enemy but in these years?

there's absolutely nothing creative in nature holding people together here(thanks to globohomo puppeteers) except katholic faith and it's going away in few more generations especially with pedophilia stuff going around, plenty of prophecies of last pope in these times + Fatima3; if it's gone it's game over(or maybe phoenix archetype will kick in if the enemy gets targetlocked for meta warfare?), that's the last straw; young people on forums have no spirit of fixing this broken country, just "kraj z dykty" shillposting everywhere, only wanting to emigrate for better money, not knowing anything, and how can I honestly blame them with these overwhelming odds?
Polska is not yet lost, as long as we live; we? who's we?
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July 01 2020

jak to mówią u mnie: psa bym nie tknął ale suke bym zajebał
//pls don't use google translate on this one xD
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June 29 2020

where will the noses go? oh, the trzaskowski ruled Polin of course
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June 26 2020

10 lat póżniej kręci porno
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usa: trąbka
polska: duda;
dobrali się kurwa
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May 29 2020

co poszło nie tak, że masz dostęp do tej informacji i ją szerzysz?
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May 14 2020

May 10 2020

JKM #hot16challenge2 #hot16challenge - z Janusz Korwin-Mikke
xDD kurwa mać @panpancerny Braun nominowany
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April 29 2020

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April 28 2020

to pierdolenie od rzeczy
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April 26 2020

April 25 2020

come come
Beksinsky virtual museum for quarantime
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6301 7874 500
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April 24 2020

>nanoczipy w aerozolowej szczepionce spuszczonej z przelatujących dronów sterowanych 5G
aha, plaska ziemia to chuj, z tym sie zgodze
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