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February 17 2020

myslałem ze mi ekran pierdolnął na przyjebie, dobre przyjebie
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February 15 2020

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i'm just flexing
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February 14 2020

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how is it possible for people to have so white and pleasant looking eyeballs, wtf? I don't remember last time my weren't a grotesque mosaic of bloodshot red, probably 20 years ago, not even joking; I've got 2 moscow metro tattoos instead of whites
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I wasn't looking for a week or so; how much of motherfucking weeb have you became?
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info należy do pakietu wiedzy danego od Boga kiedy człowiek postuje plecy na blogu; Wiedza Pradawnych Misteriów
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Poland is gonna be safe but if you want to make it somewhere else start doing Wim Hof breathing method and D3+K2vit combo right now to boost immune system before infection; sources:dude, trust me
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February 13 2020

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oh mangoe, what have we done to you...
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February 12 2020

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February 11 2020

jestem za bardzo do tyłu na te przednie żarty, dzięki
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szybki doprzód 20lat; dzieci na swoim; wy stare cebulaki dogorywacie na zusowym 600gr/msc; "Wpadnijcie na święta, będzie weselej. Może jakichś wnuków w końcu?"; "Ale już pizze zjedliśmy w tym tygodniu. Wesołych Świąt, tato."; "Są vvesołe"; <kroplówka stops>; <kurtyna>
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"(...)this terrible virus is likely to go apoplectic"
lost it
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to są onomatopeje czy jakieś neoskróty typu "dm"?
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The 3D pigdog realizes it cannot compete against the immaculate beauty of an anime girl. Watch as it recoils, how injured it is, how it shrinks: "I've been depreciated".
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you dirty whore, you scarlet letter wearing old hag xD
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February 10 2020

February 08 2020

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I bet every one of you fuckers was in this thread, lmao
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