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January 19 2020

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January 16 2020

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January 04 2020

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December 27 2019

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December 13 2019

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December 09 2019

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November 27 2019

November 12 2019

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September 16 2019

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September 08 2019

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August 29 2019

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August 12 2019

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July 29 2019

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July 26 2019

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June 20 2019

zostałem wujaszkiem, pretty cool
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There's no point in repeating truth here, you want copypasta textwalls everywhere? And there's no need to assume: my post was a whine to you about encountering living clichę of mediocrity in mind and soul, a spawn of only the most sheltered existencestyle whose worldview's built around convenient halftruths and standpoints, misinformation, 3 generations worth of global brainwashing, and no foresight.
To be honest I felt overwhelmed sizing myself against this bottomless ocean of bullshit reacting with sincere intentions would generate. It has happened before, and I learn from past mistakes. All came down to, me not needing that particular kind of shit yesterday, all that's left was leaving a snarky little react in an attempt to deceive myself time spent reading your words wasn't wasted as long as I had fun outeracting. out
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June 11 2019

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June 06 2019

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May 17 2019

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February 21 2019

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