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May 28 2020

music was great
Tags: react vidya

May 12 2020

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this is amazing
Tags: vidya epic
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April 21 2020

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kurwa kretoszczur
Tags: react pl vidya
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April 12 2020

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Tags: pl vidya
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April 11 2020

Tags: webm vidya
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yeah, I'm more of a shadow warrior guy myself out of all so called classics, shadow warrior classic redux instant recommendation
Tags: react vidya
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April 07 2020

oh, the absolute state of bullshit that CV rework was, I'm still disgusted
Tags: react vidya
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Tags: vidya
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April 06 2020

Tags: webm vidya
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April 04 2020

I do not like Doom Eternal, too much bullshit, there I said it
Tags: react vidya

April 02 2020

April 01 2020

Tags: react webm oc vidya
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March 30 2020

jakie to jest kurwa piękne, prorocze, i synchronistyczne xD
//source for nonpolish casuals here
Tags: webm vidya pl
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Mick Gordon - At Eternal's Gate (Main Menu Theme/DOOM Eternal OST)

March 27 2020

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the "baby safety pod" made in china
Tags: vidya
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March 26 2020

Tags: webm vidya
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Tags: vidya
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March 24 2020

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Tags: vidya wisdom
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March 21 2020

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