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July 07 2020

@mangoe it's gonna take another 2-3 weeks for next bsg weg, my instinct told me to read 2 certain books before going for season 4, I'm at 30% of the second at the moment
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June 17 2020

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June 07 2020

well, that took a while, I got lazy with this one with quantity over quality, S3 just had too much miniarcs going for it so Ill play along
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May 06 2020

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baaaaah, keeping schedule is a bitch this month due to arbeitmachtfreing; Im in the middle of season 3 right now; dude ep4!;
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May 03 2020

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here we go with better size, I'll make RAZOR one tomorrow xD, having fun here
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April 09 2020

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I'm at 11/13/I/BSG, here's my WEG so far, lel; I'm happy it took me 16 years to watch it, I can appreciate it now more than ever, sorry for low res, decipher it
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January 29 2020

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November 29 2019

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November 27 2019

November 19 2019

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November 07 2019

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November 03 2019

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July 08 2018

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March 16 2018

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March 15 2018

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January 30 2018

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January 23 2018

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January 15 2018

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